Thursday, September 5, 2013

Graham McTavish Cast as Dougal MacKenzie

Dougal MacKenzie is the War Chieftain of Clan MacKenzie.  
His older brother Colum, the ruling laird, would be nothing without Dougal.
A skilled and experienced warrior, and a strong leader, he commands respect
and is feared by many.  Unlike his brother, Douglas secretly supports
the rebel cause against the English.

McTavish recently starred as Dwalin in the The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey and will reprise his role in the next two installments of the Peter Jackson trilogy.  His credits include the films Rambo, Green Street 2:  Stand Your Ground and The Wicker Tree; feature roles in Middle Men, Secretariat, Colombiana, and 24; and voice roles for Wolverine and the X-men, The Hulk Vs., The Avengers, and the voice of Dante Alighieri in the animated film and video game Dante's Inferno.  His theatre credits include leading roles in prestigious UK theaters, including the Royal Court, the National (London), and the Royal Lyceum (Edinburgh).

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