Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gary Lewis Cast as Colum MacKenzie

Colum, Jamie Fraser's maternal uncle, is a man who reigns as laird over
powerful Clan MacKenzie.  Suffering from a degenerative disease now known as
Toulouse-Latrec Syndrome, Colum must rely on Dougal to be the true muscle of the clan.
Wracked with physical pain and often rendered immobile, Colum resorts to wine to dull
his pain but is able to rise to the occasion when necessary to solidify his position as clan leader.

Lewis, the internationally acclaimed actor, is best known for his roles as the troubled father in Billy Elliott, and the volatile McGloin in Gangs of New York.   He won the Gijon Film Festival's Best Actor Award for his role in Peter Mullan's Orphans. His film credits include the films My Name is Joe, Libertador, The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich, and the Oscar-nominated Joyeux Noël.

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